CLGO Briefing

Modeled after the highly successful "Leaders for Global Operations" program by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), China Leaders for Global Operations (CLGO), an international program jointly operated by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, MIT and many leading multinational companies, has been established to assist global companies in strategically building and retaining a team of leadership talent. CLGO offers China’s only dual-degree, graduate-level academic program. The CLGO program brings together the rigor and technical expertise of SJTU’s two engineering schools and the cutting-edge theory of the SJTU Antai College of Economics and Management, plus the real-world experience of the CLGO industry partners.

CLGO is focusing on developing a special type of leader for China – one who can apply both managerial and engineering expertise to global manufacturing and operations for sustained profitability and success. Companies that join CLGO can use the program not only to recruit these high-potential leaders, but also to learn best practices that lead to sustainable talent development over the long-term.

The CLGO program is a rigorous 2.5 year graduate experience, which incorporates a 6-month internship in a partner company (or other related companies). The students who pass all courses, and successfully defend their thesis will earn:
SJTU MBA degree
SJTU Master of Engineering degree
SJTU Graduate diploma
MIT Leaders for Global Operations Certificate

Learning Goals of CLGO Program:
Learning Goal 1
: The CLGO graduates will have well-structured management knowledge bonding with engineering knowledge related to operations and manufacturing.
Learning Goal 2: The CLGO graduates will have a global perspective on business issues with a focus on China.
Learning Goal 3: The CLGO graduates will have the ability to integrate and apply knowledge into practice.
Learning Goal 4: The CLGO graduates will have a high standard of ethical awareness. Learning Goal 5: The CLGO graduates will demonstrate effective leadership skills in a team environment both as a team member and team leader.

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