CLGO program management team are closely supervised by MIT LGO management team to guarantee identified program feature and quality. MIT professors participate the CLGO program in giving seminars and directing student internships on regular base.
CLGO is China’s first and only trans-disciplinary, graduate level dual-degree program to combine engineering depth with management breadth. The rigor and technical expertise of SJTU’s two engineering schools and the cutting-age theory of the SJTU Antai College of Economics and Management.
CLGO is to develop business leaders who are strong in both technology and management, who possess a global mindset as well as an in-depth understanding of China market.
The CLGO program is a rigorous 2.5 year graduate experience, which incorporates a 6-month internship in a partner company (or other related companies).
ACEM is the first and only China-based business school to be triply accredited by EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB.

Although some aspects of leadership may be innate, leadership skills can be learned. CLGO seeks to identify and enhance students’ skills through integrated classroom education and partner company experience.

A distinctive feature of CLGO is its effort to further the understanding of leadership and provide a model for lifelong learning, continuous improvement, and personal development. CLGO’s leadership curriculum provides students the opportunity to identify and enhance innate leadership capabilities through:

Skills development
in communication, motivation, and change management.
Practice in dealing with the dynamics of organizational change, through case discussions, role-plays, project teamwork, the CLGO internship, and participation on CLGO standing committees.
Reflection that ensures time for dialogue, evaluation, and intellectual integration. CLGO’s emphasis on reflection acquaints students with theories of leadership, learning, and organization, and encourages shifts in thinking and expansion of the mental models people use to understand the world.

The CLGO program is designed to enable students to progressively develop their leadership and teamwork skills. Students work together to create a learning organization that challenges conventional leadership models. In doing so, they support one another in expanding beyond their previous experiences. 

Dragon Team Projects
CLGO Dragon Teams were started by the first CLGO class in March 2008, using the highly successful Tiger Teams at MIT’s LGO program as the model. Dragon Teams organize students to work on real problems in industry, with guidance from the CLGO faculty. These teams provide value-add solutions to partner company problems, as well as give CLGO students experience in solving manufacturing and operations problems.


A defining experience for CLGO students is their 6-month internship at a partner company (or other related companies). Though a research project serves as its centerpiece, the internship actually encompasses much more. Its goals are to:
• Have a significant impact on the host company
• Provide a unique educational experience that broadens students’ knowledge of manufacturing and operations
• Expose students to real manufacturing and operations concerns, which can be addressed only through teamwork and the integration of disciplines
• Generate generic and specific engineering and management results for the project and thesis
• Support research activities that are critical to participating companies and to the CLFM Program
• Foster collaborative relations between SJTU and manufacturing and operations-oriented companies
• Establish a mechanism for changing behaviors, attitudes, and values in a way that leads to manufacturing and operations excellence
• Identify principles that should be taught and practiced by manufacturing and operations leaders.

Plant Tour

CLGO students visit world-class operations-oriented companies on local plant tours and an optional international plant tour every year. CLGO plant tours expand the students’ understanding of the breadth and complexity of manufacturing and operations by introducing them to diverse operations, plant floor workers, key executives, and other MIT LGO alumni .

On campus, CLGO students attend seminars with faculty, industry experts, and partner senior leaders. Students complement their formal course work by learning about current manufacturing, operations, leadership, and business issues that are national or international in scope. Proseminar speakers share their experiences, real-world perspectives, challenges, and satisfactions. CLGO students are also able to attend seminars organized by the Antai College of Economics and Management and the three SJTU engineering schools.