Overseas Study Tour

The CLGO program is dedicated to molding talented students into leaders with a global vision, plus enhancing the CLGO students’ English communication capability. CLGO students have the option to participate in the following international cooperative activities.

1.SJTU CLGO/ MIT LGO Collaboration

In order to enhance the cross-cultural communication and collaboration between SJTU CLGO and MIT LGO students, a synergy committee has been established on both sides. This committee is charged with finding ways for the two programs to cooperate, learn from each other, and provide value to partners through joint global activities and projects.

(1) MIT Study Tour
CLGO students organize a two-week MIT study tour in the first-year’s summer vacation. During the MIT study tour, CLGO students audit LGO summer quarter courses, visit LGO partner companies, and join LGO  proseminars, case competitions, and other activities.

(2) CLGO/LGO Joint Lion Team Projects
CLGO students and MIT LGO students sometimes establish joint project teams working on specific problems for CLGO partner companies or US companies. In 2008, CLGO students and MIT LGO students implemented a highly successful mini-consulting project for a world famous electronics company.

(3) CLGO/LGO Joint Plant Tour
At MIT, each LGO class has two weeks for an international plant tour. In 2008, MIT LGO students visited China and implemented a Joint Plant Tour in China together with CLGO students. In the future, CLGO students and LGO students will continue organizing joint plant tours in China and abroad.

2.CLGO International Plant Tour

Each CLGO class organizes one International Plant Tour.In July, 2008, CLGO students organized a Japan Plant Tour, during which they visited Toyota, Schlumberger, and Amazon.This Japan Plant Tour was partially sponsored by Alcoa, Cisco, Honeywell , Intel, Novartis, Schlumberger, and UTC.

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