Words from Students

Wang Gaoke 2010 CLGO Graduate

Working company: Cisco
CLGO is an international program. We communicate with MIT students and professors face to face. We not only visit international companies through overseas tour but also get into Chinese business environment and study engineering knowledge. As a result, we improve ourselves both in international and local environment.

Li Guohao 2011 CLGO Grudate

Working company: Apple
In Lion Team project, we cooperate with LGO students to provide consultation service with an international perspective for partners. During this process, it not only improves our cross-cultural communication ability, but also provides an opportunity for getting full knowledge of partners' company and brain storm.

Yuan Xia

I tried to live like native German people during my stay in Munich. I learned the history and culture, integrated into school and society. Various class discussion and group assignment provided me a great deal of knowledge as well as the capability to work in a multicultural team. TUM organized many activities, such as corporate visit, museum visit, hiking, etc. Advanced manufacturing process and scientific management process impressed me deeply. I also travelled to several places in Europe and understand cultural differences. I am sure this exchange experience will influence my whole life.

Le Xin

The Study Tour in USA is one of the most exciting and meaningful activities during the CLGO program. During the tour, not only can we step into Silicon Valley, the innovation and technology center of the world, to visit several well-known corporations such as Google and Intel, we are also able to take classes in MIT, communicate with MIT LGO students and generate some great ideas.

Lu Liang

US Study Tour gives us the opportunity to visit top MNCs and Universities in the world. From theory to practice, we are exposed to advanced management experiences, practical demand from companies, thus have deeper understanding of what we have learnt. We also understand more about American culture: freedom, innovation, fairness and confidence.

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