CLGO program management team are closely supervised by MIT LGO management team to guarantee identified program feature and quality. MIT professors participate the CLGO program in giving seminars and directing student internships on regular base.
CLGO is China’s first and only trans-disciplinary, graduate level dual-degree program to combine engineering depth with management breadth. The rigor and technical expertise of SJTU’s two engineering schools and the cutting-age theory of the SJTU Antai College of Economics and Management.
CLGO is to develop business leaders who are strong in both technology and management, who possess a global mindset as well as an in-depth understanding of China market.
The CLGO program is a rigorous 2.5 year graduate experience, which incorporates a 6-month internship in a partner company (or other related companies).
ACEM is the first and only China-based business school to be triply accredited by EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB.
Words from Partners
Mr. Shane Tedjarati
Chairman of Honeywell China/India,  CLGO Committee Chairman
The difference between the CLGO program and a regular MBA is that it combines the strong emphasis on manufacturing and operations with the practice of leadership. China has become the world’s manufacturing center. To maintain this position, China will need the strongest and most technically innovative operations leaders. I believe the CLGO program is what is needed by Chinese manufacturing industry in the 21st century.

Mr. Dick Hunter
Dell Global Vice President, MIT LGO Committee Co-director
Dell has found the MIT graduates of LGO to be excellent, and able to contribute immediately at Dell. That is why Dell has helped CLGO get started in China to supply talent to our Asian facilities. Dell has great confidence in the management and leadership abilities of CLGO graduates. Based on our experience with CLGO students, they will have lots of career opportunities in Dell and other companies.

Mr. Clint J. Rockwell
Director of Equipment Engineering at Intel China
I am a 2002 graduate of the MIT LGO program. After my graduation, I came back to Intel to continue my career. I think passion and determination are important to succeed in operations. The students who come to this program already have had much success in their jobs. Only if they love operations and still have the spirit to study will they succeed in CLGO. I commend these students who have this desire to improve themselves and find new challenges to overcome. Intel is seeking this type of graduate who can effectively lead and influence within China and across our other international locations.