Words from Students

Lu Jiasi 2010 CLGOer

CLGO project puts more emphasis on the cultivation of students' ability, like knowledge application, practical and analysis ability. Different from the traditional spoon-feeding teaching methods, CLGO project encourages students to participate、understand、practice and conclude new knowledge and new ideas.

Tang Liming 2010 CLGOer

CLGO graduates often come back to the school to share their study and life experience. Studying in ACEM becomes more interesting and motivating with their help.

Wen Di 2010 CLGOer

The most impressive course to me is Leadership which let me be aware of the importance of leadership in my career. It contains category of leadership and how to show it in teamwork from simplest to more complex.

Yang Hui 2010 CLGOer

CLGO students do case discussion which is almost based on real cases with team memebers to find reasonable solution. In this case, our mind can be well expanded.

Li Yining 2014 CLGOer

Through course discussions, team collaboration, Dragon team and Lion team consulting project practices, CLGO program combines leadership with engineering practice, and greatly improves the overall quality and professional skills of CLGOers. In addition, the industrial and professional sharing workshops formed by CLGO on campus students and alumni, expand our career pathway, and give us more confidence when facing the challenges in the future.

Hu Jie 2013 CLGOer

The learning experience in CLGO program helped me to open a window to know the world which I never understood and imagined. I realized that only continuous learning was the root of development. On the road to explore knowledge, I was not alone. There were many like-minded friends to work alongside you and excellent fellows to give selfless help, and also more industry partners to provide a broad platform. The CLGO unique curriculum could make me understand the essence of business operations more deeply and comprehensively. The education model on the basis of University-Corporate collaboration could make MBA students more focus on practicability and effectively, and keep better use of theoretical knowledge into practice.

Wu Jun 2013 CLGOer

CLGO seeks to identify and enhance students' leadership during the 2.5-year program. The well-structured curriculum and practical experience supported by industry partners would be a great help for us to integrate and apply leadership skills into practice. Practical projects and student committee activities in CLGO offer me so many amazing opportunities to improve my leadership. I got involved in Dragon Team, Lion Team, Class Committee and SJTU CLGO/MIT LGO Synergy Committee which not only to serve others but also to improve skills. So I think CLGO is a great platform for me to develop effective leadership skills in a team environment.

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