CLGO program management team are closely supervised by MIT LGO management team to guarantee identified program feature and quality. MIT professors participate the CLGO program in giving seminars and directing student internships on regular base.
CLGO is China’s first and only trans-disciplinary, graduate level dual-degree program to combine engineering depth with management breadth. The rigor and technical expertise of SJTU’s two engineering schools and the cutting-age theory of the SJTU Antai College of Economics and Management.
CLGO is to develop business leaders who are strong in both technology and management, who possess a global mindset as well as an in-depth understanding of China market.
The CLGO program is a rigorous 2.5 year graduate experience, which incorporates a 6-month internship in a partner company (or other related companies).
ACEM is the first and only China-based business school to be triply accredited by EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB.
Employment Overview

Each year, CLGO runs a partner-only recruiting event in which CLGO partners interview students for positions in partner companies. Companies also use the six-month internship as a means to recruit students. Partners get to know the full cohort of students through visits to campus and hosting plant tours. CLGO students also can take advantage of MBA recruiting opportunities through career development offices at the SJTU Antai College of Economics and Management.
After graduation ,CLGO students primarily work in the areas of manufacturing and operations .Some possible positons of CLGO graduates are listed as follows:

Operation Manager

Responsible for the development and implementation of activities in production to meet goals, quality and cost objectives. Prioritizes production schedules based on product introduction, equipment efficiency and material supply. Establishes operational objectives, delegates assignments to subordinates, and provides guidance to teams. Responsible for the planning, development, implementation, and maintenance of manufacturing methods, processes and operations for new and existing products. Ensures the effective use of materials, equipment, and personnel in producing quality products at minimum costs.

Supply Chain Manager/Material Quality Manager

Manages the Supplier Rating System, ensuring that all supplier non-conformances are captured and validated. Manages coordination with program quality, engineering, program office, and procurement; all aspects of Supplier Corrective Action Process. Works with program teams on supplier quality processes and supplier quality. Leads the development, implementation, and continued review of product process verification strategy.

Product Manager
Responsible for the exploring new business opportunities as well as new product positioning, introduction and promotion. Interacts with sales, financial planning, marketing communications, engineering, technical marketing, and operations. Determines product mix based on market, profitability, and break-even analysis.

Senior Operations Analyst

Assists top executives in designing and implementing improved systems and processes to achieve operational excellence. Focuses on making significant improvements in productivity, cycle time, and cross-functional collaboration and effectiveness. Helps develop strategic and tactical agendas and address high priority service-quality improvement and/or cost-reduction change agendas.