CLGO program management team are closely supervised by MIT LGO management team to guarantee identified program feature and quality. MIT professors participate the CLGO program in giving seminars and directing student internships on regular base.
CLGO is China’s first and only trans-disciplinary, graduate level dual-degree program to combine engineering depth with management breadth. The rigor and technical expertise of SJTU’s two engineering schools and the cutting-age theory of the SJTU Antai College of Economics and Management.
CLGO is to develop business leaders who are strong in both technology and management, who possess a global mindset as well as an in-depth understanding of China market.
The CLGO program is a rigorous 2.5 year graduate experience, which incorporates a 6-month internship in a partner company (or other related companies).
ACEM is the first and only China-based business school to be triply accredited by EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB.
Career Development Services

Career development is an unremitting efforts and struggling process run through individual lifetime. As the push implement and relay station that school students individual occupation develops, career development center will help the students to develop the required occupation accomplishment and technical ability by a series of service methods. Take that pushing forward student’s occupation development as purpose, the service center provides includes:

Information Sharing
Information sharing is the most fundamental service that CDC provides. On the website, The CDC may announce a large amount of enterprise recruiting information, enterprise campus presentation information and activity information pertinent to the career development every year. These information sharing have provided large amount of chances for the students to broad business view, train occupation ability and obtain ultimate employment. Besides, the CDC have preserved all previous employment information of the antai students. And the sharing of these information will reinforces the connection between the students and the schoolfellows.
Holding Campus Presentation
A great quantity of enterprise will come to Antai college to carry out campus recruiting activity every year. By enterprise campus presentation, school students not only can contact enterprise at a short distance to know enterprise history , culture , outlook on values , but also can gain the knowledge about operating way , the industry characteristic of the enterprise and the long-term career development path of the industry in connection with enterprise.
Handing Plan
"Handing Plan " is a schoolfellows communication activity that the CDC initiates aiming at improving the occupation technique of the students. The CDC invite the student who graduates and the student who graduates soon to join the "handing plan", thereby to found up the connection between student and schoolfellow every year.

By organizing the experience sharing meeting of the new graduate, we invite the schoolfellows who have worked several years to share the career experience, and the instructions of the schoolfellows, the "handing plan" have a great contribution to the career allocation and job wanted technique ablility of the students.
Career Mentor Program
Career navigation project is a good practice activity initiated by CDC ,and it makes full use of all social resources to improve students career development. This project have operated six phases already successfully so far in April , 2004.

By inviting the excellent entrepreneur ,professional manager and highly manager in the company who have close relation to Antai college to hold the post of the career director of the students (college graduate , Master student and MBA). The career navigation project have build fine platform for student’s ability training and technical ability cultivate and have also created large amounts of latent chances for the internship and employment. Moreover, the both teacher and friend relationship between the career director and the students will provide a valuable reference for the students themselves to make a exploration and career programming.
Summer Internship Program
Participating in the enterprise in summer vacation is a goog way for students to improve the career accomplishment and skill.By summer vacation time, the accomplishment lifting and the ability accumulation gained by practice will also be able to play a decisive role to ultimate job wanted. In fact, part of famous enterprise have suitable recruiting choice of persons being choosing in fine behaviour summer vacation time .

Except the practice base enterprises, a lot of enterprise summer vacation internship project open to Antai college, (many projects facing to students of grade three, graduate students of grade two and MBA of grade one), and some enterprise recruits unregularly. These recruiting information will be announced on the website by CDC from march to may every year. The students who is interested in summer vacation internship can refer to the website of CDC.
Companies Visiting
Being part of the teaching mission, career development center also responsible for organizing sophomore students to visit the enterprise. It makes the students have a direct understanding about the enterprise operation before contacting the special field course. Up to now, the enterprise which have been visited include Bao steel Corp. , Shenwo automobile company , Jia Ding industrial park etc.
Career Consulting Day
Career consulting day activity orgnized by career development center, which invite one human resources specialist provide "one-to-one" consulting services every two weeks. Therefore the human resources expert will give specific suggestion about career position and programming to the students base on the demand of the enterprise.