Words from Alumni
Zhou Beilei 2010 CLGO graduate
Working company:Dell
I have learned engineering、operation process and business management lessons through CLGO programme so that I can face various challenges. Paticpation in consulting project helps us to solve practical problem for company.

Zhao Rong 2010 CLGO graduate
Working company:Tyco
CLGO internship provided me a very valuable opportunity to experience the corporate culture and working environment. Internship supervisor gave us many good advices and I learned how to balance works with various priorities.

Bai Zhigang 2011 CLGO graduate

Working company:Intel

CLGO curriculum is connected with actual operation intimately. Applying knowledge to practice can make a great achievement. My intern company is satisfied with my performance and that helps me to find an ideal job.

Zhang Quan 2012 CLGO graduate
Working company: Apple
I have learned all kinds of methods in engineering and management.As a result, it helps me to solve problems in production organation and project management with the systematic and scientific method.

Chen Ji 2012 CLGO graduate
Working company: Honeywell
Both management skills and deep understanding of industry contribute to a successful career .CLGO programme provides us a chance to study courses about both engineering and management systematically.
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