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CLGO 2014 Students Complete US Study Tour

2015-09-09 • CLGO

CLGO program aims to cultivate talents with international view in manufacturing and operational fields. To improve students’ international communication ability, CLGO program has designed rich and varied international exchange activities, of which US study tour is the most important one. In July, 2015, CLGO students and teachers finished their two-week study tour in America. During the tour, they visited world renowned universities and companies like Stanford, Harvard, MIT and Intel, Google, Jawbone, Fresenius. They also visited MIT LGO program and deepened friendship when took part in culture exchange activities.

On June 29th, CLGO students visited Google headquarter in Silicon Valley. LGO alumni Ben welcomed them and shared Google’s culture, developing concepts and their latest development with students. Google paid special attention to staff’s inspiration and stressed on “freedom” to protect everyone’s creativity. It was the spirit to pursue excellence and innovation that made Google the pioneer of technology advance. Google’s operation relied on its soft and hard structure, the low cost of which provided basic calculating resources, making it easier to save and analyze big data. It also made global software and servers easy to operate, and realized the clustering automatic management of large-scale computers. Besides, Google’s star products like Gmail, Google’s Driverless Car, Android system and computers all led trend in their respective fields.

On June 30th, CLGO students visited the beautiful campus of Stanford University and took Professor Romesh Johari’s class. The theme of Prof. Johari’s class was Big Data. Students gained new understanding of big data after the lecture.

On the same day, CLGO students came to Intel headquarter in Silicon Valley and were warmly welcomed. Intel product manager Mr. Ken showed students around Intel Museum which decoded the secret of the chip giant. Then they visited the office of Mr. Moore, founder of the company and developer of Moore’s Law. Mr. Hu introduced their ongoing technology renovation, growth of Intel in China and Accelerated Leadership Program (ALP). ALP recruited best talents from business school all over the world and then sent them to their home country to work after strict selection and training. Mr. Hu was one of ALP, he encouraged students to tap potentials and cultivate soft powers required by leadership. Mr. Ken, Mr. Hu and some LGO alumni worked in Intel held friendly communication with CLGO students at last.

CLGO students were also visited Fresenius Medical Care, leading network of dialysis facilities and top producer of dialysis equipment in North America and throughout the world. During the one-day trip, they learned the process of dialysis service and how medical finance, marketing and law worked.

On July 12, CLGO students came back to Shanghai. The study tour not only helped them gain a lot from visits to famous companies and universities, but also opened their eyes and experience American education and culture. This study tour will be a valuable wealth in their life and also a beautiful memory of their CLGO study.

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