Range, two LGO faculty win Sloan awards

发布时间:2013-06-08  发布者:CLGO办公室

Ashleigh Range (LGO '13) was named a Sherburne Scholar by the MIT Sloan School of Management, which also gave Outstanding Teacher Awards to LGO faculty members Vivek Farias, Associate Professor of Operations Management, and Zeynep Ton, Adjunct Associate Professor of Operations Management.

The Sherburne award recognizes a student for dedication to building community during his or her time at MIT Sloan. Range received the award for her organizational work on LGO events for prospective and newly admitted students (Ambassador Day and Open House, respectively), and for going "above and beyond" in producing a housing guide and connecting with admitted students and their SOs, according to the nomination submitted to MIT Sloan by LGO.

The nomination letter also recognized Range for creating the first automatic scheduling formula for student internship interviews with LGO partner companies. "As a sign of her commitment to her classmates, Ashleigh was already matched to her own internship when she did this work," the nomination noted. "Ashleigh's work allowed the interview process to run more efficiently than ever before, enhancing the MIT Sloan relationship with 20+ key companies in the LGO partnership."

Range was also an enthusiastic participant in many formal and informal MIT Sloan activities. She was a member of the Sloan Senate, the Sloan Harmonics a capella group, and the LGO '13 "Don's Angels" ice hockey team, danced at virtually all C Functions, and participated in Camp Sloan.